GSI is a full service company providing expertise in grove development, irrigation, caretaking, and harvesting services. Some customers use all of our services while others may prefer only certain services. Though we believe a grove owner is better served when we provide grove management in all areas, we are flexible in limiting the scope of our services to the owner's preferences.

GSI has many years of experience in grove developments that include many projects. With our vast experience, we are prepared to help you plan your new grove. We can assist in securing the necessary permits, analyzing proposed sites and recommending the best plot of land for the grove, the tree spacing, and varieties. In addition, we can provide the guidance and recommendations for your irrigation system and wells for the water source.

image5 Our caretaking is a complete service. This includes fertilizing, herbiciding, spraying, mowing and nutritional applications, as well as tree removal, reset planting, irrigation (etc.). Also, we repair and maintain the irrigation system and provide maintenance to a customer's equipment, as well as (pump house, wells, etc.). We also insure that the irrigation system is ready in the event of a cold weather event.

At GSI we design and utilize a Strategic Plan for the grove. This utilizes the collective knowledge of management regarding the future productivity of the grove, while taking into consideration changes in the industry.